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At TapaCode we build high quality Ecommerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce that are super efficient marketing tools for your growing business. Using our combined creativity we make sites that are fast, look great, are easy to use and most importantly are effective in converting your users into customers.

Improve user experience

Faster websites means more people will stay on your site for longer which increases SEO.

Boost online sales

Better user experience means more users reach the checkout.

Make happy customers

Customers are happier when the websites they use just work.

Why is it important to have a speedy website?

Having a good looking website builds trust in your customers, having a fast performing website gives your users a better experience and they will be more likely to stay. At TapaCode we want to help you achieve this with your business so that it can develop along with your ideas.

60% of users in the UK access the internet through their smartphones*

All our websites are optimised for mobile devices

Our Work

Ecommerce solution for WooWoo Waterless Toilets

TapaCode have been working closely with WooWoo Waterless Toilets from the beginning and have helped them grow and develop their business into market leaders of their industry in the UK. They have a WordPress site running WooCommerce as their Ecommerce solution and have harnessed the power of SEO to extend their audience.

Website on Mobile
Optimised Mobile Design
Website on desktop
Fully Featured Desktop Design


Managing Director

WooWoo Waterless Toilets

“Joel (TapaCode) is always reliable and responsive. I would recommend Joel to anyone looking for a freelance developer and I recommend him to my clients whenever the opportunity arises”

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